GB – PL Spread

I love working on my PL albums, capturing moments of our everyday routine and lives. My family knows now not to stop what they are doing when I come in with my iPhone to take a picture, they know that I want to take a picture of what they are doing at the current moment.


I created this spread for Gossamer Blue and it makes me happy. Sometimes a spread will turn out better than other, this is usually the case when I have a good mix of pictures and a lot of white elements and cards. In this spread every member of our family is represented, they are doing what they love or enjoying each other company.


I love that it is balanced with lots of bright and bold colors with some black and white elements and pictures. I just love how this one turned out.



Author: ohpaperjoy

I've been part of the scrapbook industry for over 10 years. My love of paper started at a very young age when I started hoarding a collection of notepads and fruit scented pens. My love of scrapbooking and memory keeping evolved when I became a mother. Over the course of my creative career, I've had the pleasure of designing for various manufactures; I currently design for Ali Edwards and Gossamer Blue. My style is eclectic with a flair for mixing embellishments, creating layers and a love for white space. As of two years ago, I shifted her creative focus to documenting our family’s daily activities with Project Life.

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