My Reads – July 2017 edition


Since it’s summer vacation I had a bit more time to read, especially when we are sitting pool side and the girls are busy playing in the pool. Hope you enjoy my thoughts on the books I’ve read, these are my personal opinions and should be taken lightly. 😉

  1. My (not so) perfect life: this was fun read. I do love how they address the fact that people are most often sharing the nice parts of their lives online and not the real nit and grit.
  2. The hate you give: this book was excellent!!! One of my favorite this year. I felt strong emotions for the main character, the struggle she is facing was heartbreaking. I shared this book with my tween daughter, I wanted her to know about this story and to be sensitive to what other people might be living.
  3. What to say next: another awesome book! I got this one on a whim from the public library and I’m so glad I did. It’s a YA novel, love the style of writing where the chapters are divided between the two main characters. I also shared this one with my tween daughter, she really enjoyed the read. The main male character has social issues and it’s a great example not to judge a person by their looks or behavior. Definitely a good reminder for a tween.
  4. Fierce kingdom: A great suspense book that will make any parent question what they would do in a high intensity/life threatening situation with their child. It is a super fast read, perfect for a day at the beach. It’s a page turner so be warned you won’t get nothing else done!



Author: ohpaperjoy

I've been part of the scrapbook industry for over 10 years. My love of paper started at a very young age when I started hoarding a collection of notepads and fruit scented pens. My love of scrapbooking and memory keeping evolved when I became a mother. Over the course of my creative career, I've had the pleasure of designing for various manufactures; I currently design for Ali Edwards and Gossamer Blue. My style is eclectic with a flair for mixing embellishments, creating layers and a love for white space. As of two years ago, I shifted her creative focus to documenting our family’s daily activities with Project Life.

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