100 day project

Earlier this Spring the 100 day project made its debut in the world of social media. In the weeks leading up to the beginning of the project, my social media feeds were full of people telling what they will be doing for their 100 day project. I was trying so hard to resist the temptation but on THE first day I decided I would participate by taking pictures, more specifically “from where I stand” pictures. For 100 days! Easy enough right?!

Well I’m passed day 50 and I’m slowly losing steam. I’ve loved it so far but last week I was so sick that I completely forgot about it and now I’ve forgotten two more times! Yikes!! What should I do? I hadn’t skipped a day so far so now that really bugs me, I guess I could ‘cheat’ and use pictures from another day or I could push through, keep going or stop all together! I’ll admit that stopping is very tempting but also so disappointing. I’m loving the story these pictures are telling so far, love the glimpse of our daily lives. I think to give this so thought but I guess in the meantime I’ll keep on taking pictures!


Author: ohpaperjoy

I've been part of the scrapbook industry for over 10 years. My love of paper started at a very young age when I started hoarding a collection of notepads and fruit scented pens. My love of scrapbooking and memory keeping evolved when I became a mother. Over the course of my creative career, I've had the pleasure of designing for various manufactures; I currently design for Ali Edwards and Gossamer Blue. My style is eclectic with a flair for mixing embellishments, creating layers and a love for white space. As of two years ago, I shifted her creative focus to documenting our family’s daily activities with Project Life.

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