PL – Gossamer Blue

I  might have mentioned in a previous post that PL was my preferred memory keeping method, with that being said I still find myself doing scrapbooking techniques in my PL spread. For instance, I love to create little clusters of embellishments on my layouts and I also replicate this technique in my PL spreads. This little cluster was created using stickers and a label from the GB planner kits. I balanced it out using a circle diecut and a enamel heart.


Almost all the pictures I used in my PL spreads are 3×4 but I do print them on 4×6 canvas. When using page protectors that include a 4×6 picture I simply leave my pictures uncut to accommodate the 4×6 pocket. I do print my pictures with a large white banner, therefore the effect is almost similar to having separate pockets.


When working with PL, stickers are my favorite, I especially love word stickers, my favorite method for using them is placing them directly on the picture, most of the in the center of the picture. This is especially fun to do when working with a picture that has white space or a repeating them, such as the plants below.


Creating a PL spread is now a rather quick process, sometimes I will put a spread together in less than an hour but at times I will take my time, especially if I’m very excited about the products or pictures I’m working on. I love that I can easily get caught up, right now I’m about 8 weeks behind, which is a bit much for me. I prefer to be a couple of weeks behind just in case another project comes up. I do love working on my PL albums, I especially love it when my daughters look at them.


All About Me – Gossamer Blue

I have a new blogging series called “All About Me” that I will be sharing on the Gossamer Blue, it will feature monthly blog post encouraging you to tell your story in a Project Life format. I will be sharing tips, prompts and motivational ideas to get you started and inspired to tell your story. I hope you will stop by the GB blog to see my first installment of this fun new blogging series!




Gossamer Blue – May Kit

When I receive my kits from GB I’m always excited to start planning my projects. I definitely know that I’ll create a couple of PL spreads but the rest of my projects are a mix of TNs, the odd layout or more PL spreads. It really depends on my creative assignments for the month and if I’m behind in my family/ personal PL. Of course the kits provide endless amount of inspiration and possibilities.

This month I created a couple of TN spreads which I’m sharing today. As I mentioned in a previous post TN spreads are my version of a layout. First of all I love how compact they are, I can fill one notebook with a dozen spreads and not have to deal with cumbersome albums. I also love the idea that the notebooks are like mini story books, I have been creating a notebook for each of my daughters and these will be for them to keep. I can’t think of nothing better than a notebook full of stories, what a keepsake for them to have, and again no bulky albums to deal with!!! So I’m a big fan of the TN trend and I’m delighted that GB has been the first in the industry to come out with a TN kit!!! The kit is so awesome that it deserves a post on its own. Stay tuned for that post to come shortly to my blog!

The source of inspiration for the first spread is the little houses available in the main scrapbook kit, they are adorable and so very perfect for documenting my daughter’s love of playing teacher. I’ve combined various elements from the main scrapbook kit with new GB stamps. Love the new alpha stamp offered as a special promotion, I’m a sucker for a nice clean font!!


The second spread truly makes me happy. First of all those pictures, my sweet baby girl with a top knot and then the color palette, I’m a sucker for black and white. I also used stamps from the May kits to compliment the pictures and embellishment. Both of these spreads were completed in less than an hour, quick, simple and pretty, couldn’t be better!


TN – April Gossamer Blue

Over the past year I have observed the TN trend in the scrapbooking industry. I have to admit that at first I was hesitant to try a new memory keeping method as I was already creating layouts and PL but the smaller format did really appeal to me. Over the past year I have felt less energy to create layouts, the format has been challenging to me and also storing all those bulky albums has been challenging. This is why I have decided to give TNs a try. I really loved the idea of having multiple stories documented in a notebook format. At the beginning of the year I decided to create a TN for each of my girls, I will create a spread as an interesting story needs to be documented. This new format has been fun and refreshing. Sometimes it’s really good to mix things up.



Gossamer Blue – March Projects

I’m always excited to receive my GB kits, the new exclusive products are such a fun addition to already awesome kits. Every month I create a mix of projects from PL and TN spreads to the odd layout. I haven’t been creating many layouts this year, I think I just needed a break from making layouts which I have been doing for the past 10 years or so. Plus my creative passion is really more with pocket pages, but TN (travelers notebooks) do provide a fun alternative to creating a layout (I’ll share more about this in another post). For today I’m sharing  a PL spread from my personal PL album.




Gossamer Blue – February

I was excited to get back to creating on a regular basis for a kit club and I just love that Gossamber Blue is now offering exclusive products in their kits. The February kits were amazing, the color palette was fun and vibrant, I was very inspired to create my very first TN spreads.

Love the smaller format of a TN, it’s a great alternative to traditional layouts. I have really embraced this new format and will most likely create a lot of TN spreads this year. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up!



I also created a full PL spread. The wood veneers in the GB kits are ideal for PL spreads, they are not too bulky, I used this mini circles to create a fun flip pocket.


Gossamer Blue

In the spirit of getting caught up and sharing what has been happening in my creative world this year I must talk about Gossamer Blue. I had designed for this wonderful company in the past and after being away for a year I was invited to join the team again, of course I had to accept! I just adore Lori (the owner) and Steph (the coordinator), working for these ladies is wonderful! Also it is an exciting year for Gossamer Blue as they are branching out in creating exclusives for the kits and adding new kits to the mix, I’m so thrilled to be part of this new creative journey!