Game Day

I was in a rare mood to create a layout this weekend, so I quickly pulled out  a kit and got to work. I realized that I miss creating layout, working with a larger format, lots of embellishments, a blank canvas, layouts really speak to my need to be creative, compared to PL where it is mostly story telling focused.


The kit I selected had a lovely geometric stamp, ideal for a unique and customized background pattern. I did opt for Staz-on ink as it is more rich in color and ideal to use with the kraft background.

I love using kraft paper for my background but man oh man it’s hard to photograph!


The design is rather simple, minimal pattern paper, some embellishments and lots of stamping. This is a fun variation of my usual layouts, I feel the I’ve moved on to somewhat a minimal approach when it comes to creating layout.


So there might just be more layouts in my future, or not. I’m currently reassessing my memory keeping plans for 2018 and I’m up in the air and very indecisive about what approach I will follow. Good thing there’s still time!


Back to School – AE


This year I decided to create individual 6×8 albums for my daughters, these albums will feature monthly spreads to recap the highlights of the past month. I think this will help me manage my PL process as sometimes I have too many stories and it can be challenging to decided which one should be include.

I decided to start their album with the new school year as opposed to the calendar year. It felt like a better flow for their album. To do this page I used Ali’s September digital kit, which had a lovely mix of end of summer and back to school themes.


This picture is blurry but I thought it was the perfect reflection of the craziness of back to school and the fact that my oldest doesn’t love to pose for pictures. I added the “back to school” to the white space on the picture and complimented it with journaling, a thin strip of washi tape. The label placement was done to hide some items in the background that distracted from the main focus of the page. I love how this page is the beginning of her album. I will do the same process for my other two daughters.





I haven’t made so many layouts in a very long time (see previous post to know why I’m making layouts). My great scrap purge was very good for my creativity process. It also feels great to use up my supplies and create random layouts.


This layout features a lot of embellishments and very little pattern paper. I also have a pretty big stash of old pictures, that I either printed by mistake or for my PL but it didn’t make it in, so I’m challenging myself  to use up those pictures for my Use the Stash project.


Have you purged or organized your supplies lately? Maybe now is the time to do so, it is a great way to rediscover your supplies.


I had about 6 or 7 untouched Studio Calico kits sitting around in my scrap space, most of them were probably a year to two years old, so I decided it was time to combine all those kits, purge what I didn’t like and only keep what really inspired me. What keeping 2 year old products, I can’t be serious?! Ha yes I am!!!

The purge/organization was a bigger task that I anticipated but I’m so glad I did it, it has inspired me to create layouts again and as soon as I was done organizing I got to work and made a layout. So for the next layout I will be sharing layouts created with items from my great product re-org aka USE THE STASH, hope you are inspired to use up those old kits!! 😉


The design of this layout is rather simple, layers, tags and typed journaling, which is really true to my style. I was recently looking at past layouts, which I don’t always find enjoyable to do (sometime I cringe at the journaling other times I really wonder if I was in a good creative place), not like looking at my PL (which I always love to do), but what I found interesting is the evolution of my creative process. The design remains the same but I use much less embellishments and accents, I have a less is more approach, maybe it is reflective of the scrapbooking industry but also perhaps because I don’t have as much stuff as I used to have, I feel less pressure to use it all.


I love love love working with velum, I think that kit clubs and scrapbooking companies need to offer more options for velum. It is such beautiful accent to any project, perfect for layering, journaling, etc… So if there any companies out there looking for a way to spruce way their kits or products, ADD VELUM, trust me, just do it!! 😉


So get to work, combine those old kits and use your stash!!


I had an urge to pull out my mist and get creative. I have to admit that I sometime miss the days of detailed layouts with fussy cutting. I loved the wood veneer that was included in a Studio Calico kit but I wanted to make maximum use of it, so I opted to use it as a mask. I will eventually use it on a layout but for now it was the perfect combo with my underused mists.


The process to create this mask effect is rather simple, simply place on white cardstock and mist away, the fussy cutting is more time consuming but I kept the cuts to a minimum so the process was still pleasant. Afterwards I placed random pieces of scrap paper underneath my layout and added stitching. The stitching is the part of the process that was the most time consuming, it felt like a throw back to 5 years ago when I did a lot of detailed stitching on my projects.


To continue the collage of pattern paper I added strips of random paper to the bottom of the page, I love how this creates a quilted effect. I do want to repeat this on a larger scale, hopefully in the very near future.


Since the leaves print are such a large part of the design I kept the embellishments to a minimum and opted to play with pattern paper. The stamped label could have easily been used for journaling but instead I continued the collage effect with a yellow pattern paper, love the pop of color it brings to the layout.

It felt good to play with mist and stitching, as much as I love a more simple design, it still feels great to go back to some techniques that I have loved over the years.


Nitty Gritty – AE

Last week I had the urge to create another 8×11 full photo layout using Ali’s Details story kit. I combined digital elements from the Details story kit and physical elements from past story kits. If you are curious and want to learn more about hybrid scrapbooking I highly recommend Ali’s Hybrid class, it really covers all the topics of hybrid scrapbooking.


To create this layout I edited a picture of my three daughters, once I was happy with the composition I added the number 3 from the Details kit. I changed the color to light pink and decreased the opacity as I still wanted to see the picture through the digital element. Afterwards I added the nitty-gritty title, again from the same kit and the journaling above the title. The “gotta love this” diecut is from Ali’s summer diecut variety pack.


I printed a 4×6 journaling card from the Details kit to use as pattern paper. I’ve always enjoyed adding a large photo corner to a project, I’ve been doing this for many year and thought this technique was ideal to balance the large 3 on the opposite side.

I love how this layout turned out, hybrid scrapbooking truly is so versatile and fun.


Summer Details – AE

The August Story Kit by Ali Edwards has a fun and versatile theme – Details. The possibilities for this theme truly are endless, I have so many ideas that I might just have to create a couple more projects! But for my first project I opted to recap our summer staycation.


My design is a double 6×8 format, I incorporated the digital stamp along with a resized journaling card to which I modified the colors, and some past story kits embellishments. To create the picture collage I resized my pictures to various sizes and applied theme to a 6×8 canvas, I moved them around and changed the size until I was happy with the result, at which point I added some digital stamps from the Details story kit.


It is really fun to incorporate digital elements on products as the design is already created but we can manipulate them to fit our projects, the possibilities really are endless from changing the color to resizing the image, so many options!


For the journaling I used a 3×4 journaling card from the Story kit that I resized to 6×8 and modified the color, again working with digital elements offers options to tweak a product to make it fit with your design. So fun!!!


Love our summer staycation recap! Telling stories truly is my jam.