AE – June Digital Kit


As the end of the school year is wrapping up we are making plans for our summer activities. We are also enjoying a lot of pool time, but I do find that taking pictures around the pool to be hit or miss, in the case above it what was somewhat of a miss because it was blurry. However when I saw Ali’s June digital kit I instantly loved the digital brush and knew it would be perfect over a picture. So I colored the digital brush, changed the opacity and layered in on my blurry picture. The end effect is so fun!



Grow kit – AE

This month’s story kit by Ali Edwards was ideal for documenting my current house plant obsession!! Using a 3×4 journaling card, which I resized to 6×8 canvas i documented my love of house plants! I added digital elements from the kit to the 6×8 picture for added detail.

I did add some chipboard embellishments from past story kits, this added a bit of texture to my spread and they also paired beautifully with the colourful piecharts!! Love the simplicity of this spread, lately I’ve been thinking that less is more, in this case it proved right!!

AE – SBTM June Kit


Still going strong with my 2018 family PL, it really helps that I get to work with amazing kits like the June Stories by the Month kit from Ali Edwards!!! What a pleasure it is to open this kit every month and see the contents. The value of this kit is amazing, at such a low price with gorgeous card, chipboard accents and a stamp, definitely a must have for my memory keeping. Also this month Ali introduced add-ons for this kit, a fun selection that subscribers can decided to purchased if they want some extra items designed specifically for the kit.  So fun!!!


Even though the June kit main focus is summer and dad stories I had an easy time to using it for this spread from early April. That’s the beauty of Ali’s kits, they are versatile. They offer a theme to guide with storytelling but they don’t limit you to only those stories.

This is how I adapted the kit for a April spread, I used the chipboard tag with a white card, it was the ideal date card. The card in the top right section I modified using a small phrase sticker that Ali offered in the store.  The dad stories card was ideal for a story of my husband and our middle daughter. The chipboard accents were paired with various picture in the spread. As you can see versatility is essential and these kits do offer that. Already looking forward to next month’s kit!!!


AE – April SBTM

I’m a little behind with posting my projects but I’m slowly catching, April was such a blurb and I just wasn’t in the mood for blogging. I guess that’s part of the ebb & flow of life, sometimes the creative is there and other times it’s not. I’m learning to accept it and not rush the process.

Now that I am back to my creative self, I’m happy to return to blogging and sharing my projects. Today’s feature is Ali Edwards April SBTM kit, how I loved this kit. The colors, the design elements, absolutely gorgeous!!! MBlackburn_AprilDigiKit_PLDetail1

With this kit I opted to document my 100 day project. I had originally planned not to participate, but then the fear of missing out was just too great! At the last minute, like the very last minute, the evening of April 3, when this project made it’s debut all over social media, I was standing over my youngest daughter, looking at her play and wondering what I could do for my 100 project. I didn’t want another physical project that I wouldn’t finish, been there and done that, I wanted something easy and manageable. Then I had a “aha” moment, I would take 100 from where I stand pictures! I knew that this was manageable! My phone was always with me, snapping a picture is quick, I could do this! So here we are more than a month in the project and I have a picture for every day of this project. I’m excited to see the end result. Of course I will have to come up with a creative way to display those 100 FWIS pictures, most likely a book but that’s for another blog post. 🙂

Back to this project, it is a double 6×8 spread, I resized a jounaling card to 6×8, as I really wanted to use the cloud. Those clouds in the kit are just too good to pass up!! I kept the embellishments to a minimum and let the picture with the journaling take center stage. Love the simplicity of this layout!


AE – SBTM for May


I love having the opportunity to go back and fill some pages from previous PL, for this project I went back to my 2017 family PL where the mid year cover page was incomplete. You see I need to use two albums for our family PL and really enjoy having a cover page for both, otherwise it feels incomplete to me! To create this cover page I used Ali Edwards SBTM May kit. Love the bold colors and versatility of this kit!!!


I also used past kit items to complete this spread. Some subtle stamping paired with a canvas badge and a chipboard circle were a fun combo to create a unique accent card. I wanted to highlight all the members of our family on this page, so I opted to start with a picture of myself (it is my album after all!), then proceeded to included our daughters and then to wrap it up, a picture of my husband and I. Love how this cover page turned out, I am so grateful to be able to work with such amazing kits, that inspire me on a monthly basis to tell my story!


AE – Home Story Kit PL


The March Story Kit theme is Home and let me tell you, the ideas for this theme are endless!! From a PL spread to a fun double page layout I wanted to create a lot of projects!!! Today I’m sharing a PL spread that I created using the home kit, as you can see I even used the lovely acrylic word, which I usually hoard but not this time around, it was begging to be used!


Ali now offers add-ons with the Story kits and this month I purchased the large wood veneer which I loved using as a focal point for the date of the week. I embellished the geotag with a stamp from Ali that I had on had, love the extra detail it add to my spread.


Keeping things simple is another sure way to stay up to date with my project, this time around I added some simple journaling to the cards that were in the kit. That’s the beauty of Ali’s kit, great design and great products don’t often require additional items.