December Memories TN Style – FYC


This year I’ve decided that along with my 6×8 December Daily I wanted to do a TN album of December memories. Why do both? Seems a bit much? Perhaps, but I thought it would be fun to have an album to document little things (like decorations, mugs, treats) that I really like. My DD (December daily) is focused on the family, mostly on the girls, but the TN will be focused on me, not that there’s a lot of exciting things that happen to me in December but I do take a lot of random Christmas themed pictures, so they will have a home in my TN.


I decided to do a bit of prep work on my TN using the amazing Remember December collection by FYC. Sadly this collection has sold out, so I really hope you were able to get your hands on this exquisite collection!! I wanted to add a bit of texture to the beginning of the album, so I removed the staples and added a velum insert. I think I will repeat this throughout the album as I love using velum in my December projects.

I opted for a simple design, the chipboard accent (still available here) paired with a year stamp (also available here).  The number Christmas tree (available here) was the ideal focal point for the cover page. It paired beautifully with a puffy sticker (again FYC) and a short paragraph which sets the mood for my December TN. I’m excited for the Holiday Season to begin, I know it will be so much fun to create random entries in my TN.



Twinkle – FYC


I just can’t say enough good things about FYC and the amazing collections I get to play with! I was so inspired by the Comfort and Joy collection that I decided to pull out my pictures from last Christmas and get started on a TN album.

My main source of inspiration for this TN spread was the diecut elements from the collection. I love to create layers and dimension with diecuts and since they are not bulky they are ideal for TN memory keeping.


I trimmed a 6×8 pattern paper to create the background of the wreath and on the opposite side I placed the picture with journaling. The design concept is simple, which I tend to gravitate towards in a TN, but still very effective.

I highlighted the design using diecut tabs and puffy stickers. The stamps also worked as a sub title and anchored my picture to the journaling label. This collection is currently sold out but if you like FYC make sure to follow them on social media to  know when their new collections and kits are being released!



TN – Ali Edwards

The August Digital Kit by Ali Edwards has inspired me to create a TN spread featuring my oldest daughter. Sadly I have yet to get started on her TN, I have worked on her sisters but for some reason my wonderful tween is no longer a fan of me taking her picture. I did manage to snap this one on a recent trip to the lake, I”ll take what I can get and use it to my advantage.


The large scale picture was ideal to make a bold statement, I added a heart from Ali’s digital kit, I did slightly lighten the color of the heart to better reflect the color palette of my spread.


The journaling was created on one of the journaling cards from the August kit, however I did slightly modify the card. I used the quote that was on a 4×6 card from the same kit and added it to the top portion of the 3×4 card. The journaling was done with my electric typewritter, the card is longer than 4 inches and this was on purpose. When I trimmed the journaling card I didn’t trim the bottom portion as I didn’t know how long the journaling would be. Once the journaling was complete I was able to trim the card.


The accents were kept to a minimum and only featured the date and a chipboard arrow from a previous AE story kit. I always love working with large pictures, I love the bold statement they bring to any project.


Adventure TN * GB*

Back at it with TN spreads, this time I’m working on my tween daughter’s TN, which has no spread in it, puts me to shame! The other two girls have a lot of spreads in their TNs but for some reason my tween is not a fan of having her picture taken, not good for this trigger happy mom.


To create this spread I used Gossamer Blue’s July kits, which I mixed. I used the cards from the LP kit and accent from the TN kit. The journaling is on a 3×4 card which I trimmed to outline the ticket pattern.


The opposite page features a 4×6 card, again from the LP kit with various accents from the other  kits. I kept the design on this page to a minimum as the picture was somewhat busy with colors and I didn’t want to overwhelm the spread. This makes for a fun and simple TN spread.


Something Great *GB*

Well summer is totally throwing me off from my blogging schedule! I’m still creating (not as much as in the winter) but I’m just not as good when it comes to posting my projects on my blog. I do have a bit of catching up to do in the weeks ahead.

Today I’m sharing a preview of the TN spread I created for Gossamer Blue, you can see the full project here on the GB blog.


This was purely a creative spread, I really had the urge to be creative and quickly created this spread. I’ve used the June kits (LP, Scrapbook, TN and Planner – yes GB has all those awesome kit!!!) to create this spread. I also used a stamp set from a previous LP kit, which is still available in the GB store.


TN are a fun and quick way to memory keeping, they don’t take up a lot of space and TNs can easily be for a single theme (traveling ) or child (I have 3 girls and they each have their own designated TNs for memory keeping). If you are interest in using TNs for your memory keeping, make sure to check out GB TN kits, it’s a beautifully designed kit!!

TN Spread – Currently

I was recently asked how my TN spreads fit in my memory keeping; are my spreads an extension of my PL, was I repeating the stories, what was the purpose of my TN? Well, it’s simple, yes to all of the above!!! I mostly do PL to replace scrapbook layouts (although I’ve been itching to do a traditional layout, might just have to give in to that itch sometime soon)!

This year I created a TN for each of my daughters, in which I document stories that pertain to them directly. Sometimes the story will have been told in our family PL album, other times it won’t. I don’t really have a system per say, I just document was I feel needs a more in depth story. Like this spread of my middle daughter, I wanted to document her favorite things right now, a TN spread was the perfect choice.


Using a mix of the June kits by Gossamer Blue I created a simple spread to document some things that my daughter currently love. I was mostly inspired by this 3×4 cards that is included in the Planner kit. Love the quote and carefree design of the card, I thought it was ideal for this kind of subject matter.


As for the journaling, it was done using my electronic typewriter and white cardstock, super simple (that’s how I like it). Love the cluster of embellishments which anchors the journaling. I used a stamp set from a previous kit, which is still available if you are interested – stamp set LP kit September.

This is a simple spread which tells a very meaningful story, just how I love it!


TN – Good Vibes

TN spreads are such a fun and quick way to get a creative fix!! This spread was created using Gossamer Blue’s June TN kit!! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I love the new exclusive kits that GB is putting together. The color palette and designs are fabulous!!


I mostly used diecuts and washi tape to create this spread. When working with a TN I do prefer to work with a white paper base, as I do with layout.


I also incorporated stamps from past Gossamer Blue kit, I do love the versatility of the GB stamp sets. I think the one below is from a fall kit but it still works on this Spring themed spread.


The days of the week in this stamp were ideal to pair with the yellow washi tape. I do love to layer stamps with embellishments, it’s such a fun way to mix it up!