PL – March 6 -12

I’m still going strong with my family PL album. I did skip ahead to some weeks for creative team assignments but I’m slowly going back to weeks that I missed, like this one from back in March.


In order to stay on top of my PL I have opted for a minimalist design and approach to my memory keeping. Incorporating stamps is also one of my favorite technique, especially when I can stamp directly on my pictures. I have learned that this works best on matte or semi-gloss pictures.


Creating cohesive spread is also important to me. For this spread I repeated the alpha stamp and stars. I also kept a neutral color palette with teal and yellow accents.


I love using white journaling cards with crisp and clean designs. Love the minimalist design they bring to a spread, especially when my pictures are busy.


Love how the teal card coordinates perfectly with my daughter’s panda shirt. This played a big part of my design process.


As you can see my spread is rather simple but I have learned that when I need to get caught up or produce multiple spreads simple is best.



Summer List

I really enjoy creating summer themed projects, I was especially excited to see Ali’s June Digital Kit featured some summer elements. I am so happy that I’ve decided to give hybrid scrapbooking a try, I was very intimidated at first but I have quickly learned the basics using PSE and love the versatility of using digital elements on my projects.

If you would like to learn hybrid scrapbooking I would highly recommend Ali’s Hybrid class, as always Ali has put together an amazing class, the content is clear and well explained and the contributors are so inspiring, it’s a must have class!


This spread is a double 6×8, working with a large scale picture is always so much fun and ideal for hybrid projects. I used digital brushes to highlight the theme of the picture, Ali’s handwritting is a classic and pairs perfectly typewriter style fontsĀ  (my favorite), I think that might also be another reason I love Ali’s products, I’m not a fan of my handwriting but love the personalized effect of the digital brushes.


The 6×8 journaling page was created again using a digital brush as the header and a tag from a previous story kit for the journaling. I do love to pair elements from previous story kits on my projects, a while back I mixed all my old kits, they are now within reach and I’ve definitely been making the most of my story kits.


Dad Stories – Ali Edwards

Ali’s June digital kit inspired me to create a layout,yep that’s right a layout, ha! It felt great to get back to my roots and do a layout. To make this project even more interesting I used a vintage photograph taken by my mom when I was baby. I don’t think I’ve ever created a layout about my dad, I usually stick to my immediate family. It was fun to step out of my comfort zone and document a different story.


I used a digital card from the June kit as the title work. Originally I was going to create a 6×8 spread but the large title didn’t leave me much space for embellishments, so I opted to cut out the header and use it as a title for my layout.


I find that my layouts have evolved from layered paper to a grid design with lots of embellishments and very little pattern paper. One thing that doesn’t change is the use of white cardstock as a base, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do away with using white cardstock.


TN Spread – Currently

I was recently asked how my TN spreads fit in my memory keeping; are my spreads an extension of my PL, was I repeating the stories, what was the purpose of my TN? Well, it’s simple, yes to all of the above!!! I mostly do PL to replace scrapbook layouts (although I’ve been itching to do a traditional layout, might just have to give in to that itch sometime soon)!

This year I created a TN for each of my daughters, in which I document stories that pertain to them directly. Sometimes the story will have been told in our family PL album, other times it won’t. I don’t really have a system per say, I just document was I feel needs a more in depth story. Like this spread of my middle daughter, I wanted to document her favorite things right now, a TN spread was the perfect choice.


Using a mix of the June kits by Gossamer Blue I created a simple spread to document some things that my daughter currently love. I was mostly inspired by this 3×4 cards that is included in the Planner kit. Love the quote and carefree design of the card, I thought it was ideal for this kind of subject matter.


As for the journaling, it was done using my electronic typewriter and white cardstock, super simple (that’s how I like it). Love the cluster of embellishments which anchors the journaling. I used a stamp set from a previous kit, which is still available if you are interested – stamp set LP kit September.

This is a simple spread which tells a very meaningful story, just how I love it!


TN – Good Vibes

TN spreads are such a fun and quick way to get a creative fix!! This spread was created using Gossamer Blue’s June TN kit!! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I love the new exclusive kits that GB is putting together. The color palette and designs are fabulous!!


I mostly used diecuts and washi tape to create this spread. When working with a TN I do prefer to work with a white paper base, as I do with layout.


I also incorporated stamps from past Gossamer Blue kit, I do love the versatility of the GB stamp sets. I think the one below is from a fall kit but it still works on this Spring themed spread.


The days of the week in this stamp were ideal to pair with the yellow washi tape. I do love to layer stamps with embellishments, it’s such a fun way to mix it up!


PL Spread – Eat Story Kit

I have a bit of catching up to do with my 2017 family PL album, I’m also trying to use up my Story Kits by Ali Edwards, when I reviewed my album and noticed that one week the pictures were mostly food oriented I knew it was the time to use my Eat theme story kit! Of course it ended being the week that Starbucks released it’s limited time Unicorn frappucino, love how that story made it’s way in my spread!


I paired the story kit with other Ali Edwards cards that I had accumulated from previous kit, those extra cards I used mostly on the non-food theme pictures, like the one at the top and bottom of my spread. The colors of the card coordinated perfectly with the cards in the Eat kit, I love how the kits can be mixed and matched!


I love the color combination of this spread, the cards worked perfectly with my pictures, I love it when things just happen to match, it makes the picture/card matching process so much easier. This is rather simple spread in terms of accents and embellishments, I find that my process varies from one spread to another. It depends on the theme of the spreads, how much journaling I plan to incorporate and how busy my pictures are.


Another favorite item to use on my projects, especially my PL spreads, are Ali’s word phrase stickers, it is one of my go to creative accent. Again repetition is key and I used those stickers to help create a cohesive design.


I think that the black accents really compliment my pictures, I’m often hesitant about using black items in my spreads as I prefer a lighter color palette but for this week the black really did work well and complimented by pictures which were mostly light in color or black/white.


PL Spread – GB Scrap Kit

Today I’m sharing a PL spread created with Gossamer Blue’s scrapbook kit. Being able to use a kit for multiple purposes really shows the versatility of a kit. This month’s scrapbook kit is full of wonderful embellishments, pattern papers and a trendy stamp.


Since I used the scrapbook kit I had to create the PL cards, the pattern papers in the kit are designed with subtle patterns and prints, ideal for PL cards. I also used the stamp to create an accent card with journaling, love the grid design of this stamp.


The cork circle stickers are one of my favorite item in the kit this month, the white pattern designs are trendy and versatile. I might just hoard these for a very long time!


Gossamer Blue now offers kits that only contain exclusive designs, every month the kits will include a wonderful mix of diecuts, stickers, washi tape and other fabulous embelishements. This PL card was created using a diecut from the scrapbook kit, ideal for a journaling card.


As you can see the June kit is pretty lovely and versatile! You can see more fabulous projects by the creative team by checking out Gossamer Blue’s blog!